Who are We?

We are a team of economists, material scientists, product developers, marketers and videomakers with the passion for pictures and videos, and a common thought: don't miss the moment.

We entered in the action camera world in 2010, we loved it and we still love it because action cameras are incredibly small and easy to carry. But that's not the same for the accessories.

As traveler enthusiasts with "don't miss the moment" philosophy, we observed that all kind of mounts where huge, heavy and hard to use.

Many of them caused a lot of time wasting, so we decided to try to give something more to this world.

We launched the Dreampick brand in May 2016.


Crowdfunding, a part of our story.


What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a method of raising capital through the collective effort of friends, customers, and individual investors. We focalized our self on the Reward-based form.

Why we use crowdfunding?

We use crowdfunding platforms, like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, to raise the money for developing the amazing products you can find in our shop.

Starting small and thanks to the support given from thousand of people we were able to develope our products and we are now exporting them in Europe, Asia and North America.

The fund raising isn't the only reason as we used this method. In our philosophy the believing in innovation and creativity is an essential part. The crowdfunding platforms and their customers share this same thought.

If you are interested in our campaigns and in our next products follow us on Kickstarter at the following link:

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