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Sliter Paragliding Skydiving Gopro Footmount Shoe Mount

Get a new perspective right from your foot! The perfect accessory for paragliders, paramotors and skydivers. The high quality materials involved in the production makes Sliter durable and scratch resistant.  Adjustable straps offer a one size fits all product. The simply italian design makes Sliter easy to fit and comfortable during the flight. A 32cm wide strap allows  to mount Sliter on shoes, boots and fins. Even if Sliter is born for paragliders and paramotors, the divers world starts loving it!

SLITER, Camera Footmount


    • Mountable on shoes, boots and fins.

    • Made of two sections, an ankle fastening and a foot fastening, Sliter  keeps the camera safe;

    • Completely waterproof in case of water landing;

    • Strong and Safe;

    • Suitable with all action cameras with Gopro® similar mounting system;

    • One size.

    • 1x Sliter Footmount

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